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Naxau M850

It is specifically designed for the deposition of high performance metallurgical coatings, such as AlCrSiN, AlTiSiN, AlCrN, AlTiN, CrN, TiC,N, TiN and many others. Such coatings are evaporated by arc onto a variety of cutting tools, dies and moulds, components and consumer products for wear.



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PeCVD Coating Equipment for DLC (Diamond-like Carbon)

Naxau is an excellence low friction coating solution provider, with a rapid hand-over system for coating solutions, proofing, and mass production. Naxau DLC, including metal/ silicon/ fluorine containing DLC, sputtering DLC, and hydrogen free superhard DLC (ta-C). The coating films, in addition to retaining the self-lubrication of DLC, significantly improve the functional properties of the coating such as hardness, heat resistance, and wear resistance.

Naxau DLC PeVD coating equipment

About Naxau

Naxau is a coating service and vacuum coating equipments provider. We develop state of the art and eco-friendly nano-crystal coatings for advanced tooling and metal components. Nano technology enables modern material scientists to synthesize complex and often contradicting properties such as toughness, hardness, low friction, low thermal conductivity, anti-corrosion, and resistivity all into one nano-material. Naxau had patented several key nano technologies including the 7th generation SPARK nano crystal platform. It is our mission to make sure our customers succeed in the challenge of modern manufacturing. Naxau now operates 11 coating centers and a RD center the world. Naxau services customers around the clock so there is no lead time in your success. We are always there for you. 

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Advanced plasma cathodes can effecti-vely reduce coated droplets, meet most of monolayers, multilayers, nanolayers coating production

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Provide the best PVD, PECVD  nano-coating equipment, technology and production process for the application  needs of cutting tools, molding and molds, parts. Please click on the respective application.

We provide affordable and high-quality whole-plant PVD coating

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With over 100 installed systems worldwide, own service, support and sales offices in Europe, Asia, Naxau maintains close partnerships with its customers.