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Naxau is producing a more robust and reliable coating system with advanced Arc, Sputter cathode, and Ion Source, enabline high PVD coating quality.

We are happy to help you to be more competitive by prodviding high quality systems.

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We have been developing the plasma thin film coating technology to provide the suitable coating solution and components needed for surface treatment industries since 2007.

The plasma thin-film technology is able to upgrade and generate the end product valuation by adding more functions, durability, design improvement, etc. The technology, as an environment-friendly coating solution is in wide use such as semi-con., display, solar cell, automotive, cutting tools, and other industries.

Our inhouse lab cooperates with overseas technical leaders in North America, Europe, etc. to develop high-end surface treatment technologies constantly, especially in arc ion plating, a sputtering process that contributes to the front industry’s growth.

The accumulated know-how and experience for the past decades in the PVD (Physical Vacuum Deposition) and PECVD (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vacuum Deposition) are the basis of the company’s core competence, helping to improve the customer’s product quality and valuation.

All people in Naxau endeavor to pursue surface treatment technologies with their own passion and self-motivation for research.

We always appreciate for your kind interest in the company and committing our best services to your satisfaction.

Thank you.

CEO Alex Yuan

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