Naxau PVD Coating and vacuum coating equipments

High Power Non-Droplet High-Gloss Arc PVD Vacuum Equipment and Advanced Tooling Coating Solutions

Naxau Spark high-gloss arc technology is widely used in 3C high-gloss knife coating applications. Compared with traditional filtered arc multi-arc ion plating, and even the latest Hipims high-frequency magnetron sputtering, droplets and film defects are significantly reduced.

01 Comparison of common PVD equipment processes

Naxau Spark’s droplet-free technology has made new breakthroughs:

Taking TiN coating as an example, with a thickness of 2.5um, a deposition rate of 0.5um/h, Ra <0.05um, and a hardness of 34Gpa.


Naxau droplet-free coating Multi-arc ion plating Magnetron sputtering Naxau Spark high-gloss arc Target material is limited High surface roughness > Ra0.2 High ionization rate > 60% High deposition rate > 1um/h Rich sputtering materials Low surface roughness Ra0.05 Low ionization rate 20%-40% Low deposition rate 0.35um/h Rich sputtering materials Low surface roughness <Ra0.05 Low ionization rate >90% Low deposition rate 0.5um/h

02 Characteristics of high-gloss arc technology

High-gloss arc coating: harder coating with fewer droplets


High-gloss arc coating: reducing surface roughness can reduce surface wetting and achieve anti-sticking effect.


High-gloss arc coating: fewer coating droplets, fewer defects, and denser coating.


03 Naxau high-gloss arc vacuum coating equipments

Naxau PVD, PECVD, DLC process vacuum coating equipment is suitable for tool coating, mold coating, part coating, and medical biological coating. It provides a turnkey solution for the entire factory’s hardware and software output and provides “accompanying” services to truly help customers use vacuum coating equipment well and affordably.

M850 high-gloss arc equipment

M850 高光弧设备

04 High-gloss arc tool Ta-c coating application

Using Ta-C coating can effectively improve the service life of cutting tools, reduce processing costs, and improve product quality.


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