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3 High-performance CNC lathe blade coating

We have developed three high-performance CNC lathe blade coating options to meet different application needs. In order to meet the high-speed and high-efficiency processing requirements of automotive parts, mechanical parts, mold frames, and difficult-to-machine aerospace materials, we have successfully developed AM, HMA, and APS wear-resistant coatings based on the Naxau new plasma-enhanced arc source technology platform, which has been recognized and appreciated by customers in the market.

Advantages of the new plasma-enhanced arc source technology platform:

  • Advantage 1: The magnetic field design is optimized, resulting in higher ionization rates, fewer droplets, and smoother and more delicate film surfaces.
  • Advantage 2: The arc source energy is stronger, resulting in denser thin film particles and higher coating hardness.
  • Advantage 3: The coating stress is lower, and the coating on the tool tip will not peel off.

The AM, HMA, and APS CNC lathe bladecoating basic material characteristics are also provided:

Naxau CNC lathe blade Test Experimentt:

Naxau CNC tool cutting test experiments were conducted to examine the wear resistance and impact resistance of the coatings using interrupted turning. The cutting parameters were as follows:

Material: 718HH (hardness 40~42HRC)

Vc = 100m/min

f = 0.25mm/r

Ap = 1mm

Dry cutting

Strong intermittent cutting (4 grooves).

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