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Naxau coating die head coating – DLC coating mirror mold process

Naxau DLC coating die head coating

Naxau PVD mirror mold process is suitable for common narrow gap coating heads, scraper coating heads, micro-convex coating, comma coating, etc. Naxau has rich experience in die head pre-treatment, defect detection, hanging, coating process, and post-treatment mass production, which can control the deformation of the coating head in the processing process to the micron level and ensure that the adhesion reaches level A (level C is the national standard).

6th Generation Spark Droplet-Free Coatings

Under an electron microscope at 10,000 times magnification, details that cannot be seen by the naked eye can be observed on the surface of PVD coatings, where both multi-arc ion plating and magnetron sputtering have many droplets. Naxau’s patented droplet-free platform, SPARK 6, can deposit almost defect-free ion crystals, which can fully ensure the stability of nano-crystal growth and the mirror quality of the nano-coating surface.

Naxau mirror mold process

Naxau has various mirror mold special coatings such as titanium nitride TiN and chromium nitride CrN. The surface roughness is 0.02-0.04μm, and the film thickness uniformity is ±15%. Mirror molds have higher pre-treatment and mold inspection requirements and are transported by custom packaging machines. Naxau has a perfect on-site supporting service capability.

Coating type color coating hardnessHV oxidation resistance temperature℃ friction coefficient coating thicknessμm Application Recommendation
Mirror  TiN+ Gold 2000 500 0.2-0.4 1-3 Mirror mold universal; High hardness, good adhesion resistance
Mirror  CrN+ silver 1800 600 0.2-0.4 3-5 Anti polymer adhesion
Mirror  DLC black 2200 350 0.1-0.2 1-3 Anti polymer adhesion, non-ferrous metal processing

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