Naxau PVD Coating and vacuum coating equipments

Advantages of Naxau PVD vacuum deposition equipment

Naxau P/M series PVD vacuum coating equipment has a high degree of flexibility with customizable coating solutions to meet the needs of most mid-to-high-end cutting tools and mold coatings. The equipment can be continuously upgraded to meet the demands of new materials and applications, such as 5G and intelligentization.

The IET Plasma etching system

The IET plasma cleaning system ensures uniform etching of the coating in the effective area, with an etching rate of 0.25um/h.

SPARK Low Droplet Technology

Advanced SPARK technology reduces coating droplets effectively to meet the needs of single-layer, multi-layer, and nano-layer coating production.

Software hardware acceleration acceleration, reduce operating costs

Software and hardware acceleration reduces operating costs, with a reference coating time of less than 5 hours to complete 3μm TiAlN. The equipment has one-button operation, multiple types of fixtures, magnetic levitation molecular pumps, two sets of IET cleaning systems, high-power heaters, arc cathodes, flow meters, and dedicated control systems, among other advantages, allowing for high-efficiency processing of conventional cutting tools and molds. The equipment has a vacuum level that is maintained by the magnetic levitation molecular pump, with a maximum current of 250A and eight high-power heaters for a total power of 48KW. The eight to ten arc cathodes significantly improve the coating deposition rate. The four sets of flow meters and dedicated control system ensure production efficiency, and nitrogen gas and adjustable temperature high-purity cooling water are used for dual-cycle rapid cooling of large-sized workpieces.

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